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The website is the first service in the world that searches for the best locations for launching a retail and service outlet in a selected city. The search result can also be seen on the map. By using this website, we are almost 100% sure that our investment will be successful.

Search results are presented in the form of sectors on the map, ordered in order of the most attractive. The best locations for a given type of retail and service facility are those in which in a given area (sector) there are the least percentage of facilities we search for, in relation to all types of outlets located in a given area. In simplified terms, it can be assumed that we search for sectors for which the saturation with institutions of a certain type is the lowest in our city. At the same time, it should be noted that only those sectors in which there are many other various retail and service outlets are considered.


How the search engine works

At the beginning, the city area is divided into several hundred or several thousand equal sectors in the form of squares. There are three types of sector sizes to choose from: 1500x1500 m, 750-750 m and 375x375 m. The smaller the sector, the more precise the search is. In some cases, searching by large sectors is more convenient, especially in the case of retail and service outlets located at greater distances from each other, such as a bookstore, jewelry store or shoe store.

In the next step, each sector of the city is checked in terms of existing retail and service outlets. Outlets from 12 selected types of activity are counted. These are: restaurants, grocery stores, cafes, clothing stores, hairdressing salons, pharmacies, florists, shoe stores, "┼╗abka" stores, jewelry stores, liquor stores, bookstores. The choice of 12 types of retail and service outlets may be extended in the future. It should be noted that some types of establishments may be classified in two categories, such as a grocery store and "┼╗abka".


Information on existing facilities in specific sectors is collected from a variety of sources such as service information sites, travel guides (such as Tripadvisor), various types of maps and, in some cases, in-person field inspections. it should be borne in mind that the accuracy of these data is somewhat limited. There are cases of retail and service outlets that are not displayed anywhere on websites or on maps. As a rule, they are small and not very visible. These types of retail outlets are of little importance because they can be easily driven out of the market by a new outlet that is clearly visible on the Internet and on the street.

As already mentioned, in the first stage of the analysis, the sum of all examined types of retail and service outlets in each sector is calculated. Then, for each sector, the proportion of the number of one type of facility to the total number of facilities in a given sector is calculated. This proportion is calculated according to a special formula and corrected accordingly, e.g. when the number of establishments of a given type in a sector is zero. In this way, sectors with the lowest saturation are searched for, i.e. areas where, compared to other sectors, there is a shortage of a given type of activity.